Alexandre Dumas
# Monte Cristo ** (created by bbsc)

Alistair Mac Lean
# 01. Maut Mengintai di Selat Sunda (South by Java Head, 1957 ** (created by bbsc)
# 02. Pertemuan Maut di Kutub Utara (Ice Station Zebra, 1963) ** (created by bbsc)
# 03. Pulau Beruang (Bear Island, 1971) ** (created by bbsc)
# 04. Di ambang Kematian (The Way To The Dusty Death, 1972) ** (created by bbsc)
# 05. Pembajakan di Golden Gate(The Golden Gate, 1976) ** (created by bbsc)

Harry Stein
# The Magic Bullet
** (created by OBI)

James Herriot
# If Only They Could Talk James Herriot
(created by bbsc)

Joseph R Garber
# Vertical Run ** (created by OBI)

Jules Verne
# Berkeliling Dunia di Bawah Laut
** (created by BBSC)

Kate DiCamillo
# Kisah Desperaux ** (created by syauqy_arr)

Ken Follet
#The Third Twin
** (created by OBI)

Mark Twain
# Petualangan Tom Swayer
** (created by bbsc)

Mary Shelley
# Frankenstein
** (created by bbsc)

Robinson Crusoe
# Daniel Defoe ** (created by bbsc)

Novel Barat – Michael Ridpath
# Free To Trade ** (created by OBI)


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