# The Naked Face (Wajah Sang Pembunuh, 1970) (created by Otoy)
# The Other Side of Midnight (Lewat Tengah Malam,1973)
# A Stranger in the Mirror (Sosok Asing dalam Cermin,1976) ** (created by Otoy)
# Bloodline (Garis Darah, 1977)
# Rage of Angels (Malaikat Keadilan, 1980)
# Master of the Game (Ratu Berlian, 1982)
# If Tomorrow Comes (Bila Esok Tiba, 1985)
# Windmills of the Gods (Kincir Angin Para Dewa, 1987)
# The Sands of Time (Butir-butir Waktu, 1988)
# Memories of Midnight (Padang Bayang Kelabu, 1990) (created by Otoy)
# The Doomsday Conspiracy (Konspirasi Hari Kiamat, 1991)
# The Stars Shine Down (Kilau Bintang Terangi Bumi, 1992)
# Nothing Lasts Forever (Tiada yang Abadi, 1994)
# Morning, Noon and Night ((Pagi, Siang dan Malam, 1995)
# The Best Laid Plans (Rencana Paling Sempurna, 1997)
# Tell Me Your Dreams (Ceritakan Mimpi-mimpimu, 1998)
# The Sky is Falling (Langit Runtuh, 2001)
# Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Apakah Kau Takut Gelap?, 2004) (created by Otoy)
# The Other Side Of Me (2005)


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